Big Book of Little Games

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The Big Book of Little Games

From the Origins Award-Winning Author of Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea and Houses of the Blooded

For years, John Wick has been designing small, personal roleplaying games for conventions, friends and family. And now, a complete collection of these games is available for the first time. The Big Book of Little Games!

The Big Book contains over 250 pages of both new games and revised editions of out-of-print classics. Pre-Orders will close when we make the book order the first weekend in December. Your books will ship a couple weeks later.

The Flux

All worlds are the same world... you just don't remember. A meta-RPG that links all RPG worlds as the same world... with the same dangers.

Enemy Gods

Take the role of both a hero and a god as rival deities slug it out with their mythic heroes as the ultimate weapons.


"A Little Game about Little Heroes" places the heroes as housepets protecting their owners from monsters they can't see.

Byron Falls

In the lonely town of Byron Falls, beautiful and lonely high school girls fall in love with beautiful and lonely monsters.

Wicked Heroes

In a world where super powers are a curse and not a gift, the "blessed" find their worst enemies are themselves.


An urban fantasy world where the ultimate weapon is not a sword or a gun, but the power of sex.

Wilderness of Mirrors

This classic spy game is fast and ruthless. Everything you need to play a Master Spy and nothing more.

Eldritch High

Alexander Circe's Academy of the Eldritch Arts has prepared your class schedule but are you prepared?

Yesterday's Tomorrow

John's classic game of Retro Science Fiction (designed for his wife) is a game of Action!, Mystery!, Romance! and Science!

All the Days of My Children Hospital

A Game about Romance, Betrayal, Deception, Dynasties and Soap Commercials

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