Wilderness of Mirrors 002

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Wilderness of Mirrors 002

Was James Bond ever first level? Does Jason Bourne need a Feat to use an automatic weapon? Frustrated by spy games that assume your character needs to go through ten or more levels before he's considered "competent?"

Wilderness of Mirrors is a spy-playing game that turns the very things that make the spy genre work into game mechanics.


Players take an active part in designing the adventure with "intelligence reports" that define the mission parameters.


No character needs skills or feats to recreate the expertise of your favorite agents.


When characters betray the group or compromise the mission's security, they are rewarded by the game master.

These and other game mechanics provide you with all the tools you need to play the spy game you've always wanted. Use them alone or patch them on to your favorite game system to give it the spice it so desperately needs.

In a wilderness of mirrors, who can you trust? No-one. Not even yourself.

In the 002 Edition, you'll find:

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